Individuals and Families

Family life can be rewarding and challenging! Families don’t plan to fail, but many fail to plan.

Our single mother raised me and my four brothers all by herself with nowhere to turn for trustworthy financial guidance. Because of this experience, hard work and family values were instilled in us at an early age, and I now have the unique opportunity to help clients reach their financial goals while avoiding the pitfalls that my family endured growing up due to lack of readiness and planning.

We help real families plan for real milestones and answer real questions like:

  • Will I/we be able to retire? Will I/we have to downsize at retirement? Will I/we be able to travel in my retirement?
  • Are we going to have enough money to send our children to college?
  • What kind of legacy will I be able to leave behind for my family?
  • Are there tax strategies that I should be taking advantage of?
  • What will happen if the primary wage earner becomes hurt or disabled?

At Green Leaf Consulting, we understand that the time pull between careers, relationships, children, parents, hobbies, and, yes, finances, can sometimes leave us feeling a little overwhelmed. Our passion for assisting families through this balancing act is one of the things that bring me joy.