Plan. Grow. Protect.

The essence of financial planning is undertaking a process that drives you toward your goals. Whether they are business related or personal, the process that we employ in order to help you identify and reach those goals will go like this:


  1. Identify, articulate, and discuss your goals and plan for the unexpected. We will ask you important questions that address issues that every family and business face.


  1. Assess your resources. We will take an inventory of your current income, income potential, and assets to determine their impact on and probability of achieving your goals. We will also conduct a thorough review of your investment portfolios to determine their viability for reaching your goals.
  2. Assess your liabilities. We will take an inventory of your liabilities (debts) to determine their efficiency (wise use of leverage) or drag on your goals. Additionally, we examine your tax strategies for efficiency.


  1. Assess your risks. We will help to determine if:
    • Your investment risk is in line with your goals and timeline.
    • You are appropriately protected against life events such as death, disability, long-term care, job loss, and divorce.
    • Your estate plan is in line with your charitable giving (legacy planning) and wealth transfer goals all while focusing on tax minimization and asset protection.
    • Your business assets and human assets (if applicable) are appropriately protected from disrupting the achievement of your goals and work to ensure that your benefits and succession plan are in line.

We take all of this information and create a written, but very much alive, financial plan that will assist you in making solid, informed financial decisions.

We have helped many families and businesses over the years. Below are some examples of the work we have done.